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Dog Walkers Vancouver - Serving Downtown, Yaletown, Coal Harbour and the West End

Thanks for stopping by Dog Walkers Vancouver! My name is Allie and I offer dog walking and pet sitting services to Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown, Coal Harbour and The West End. I have extensive experience with all sizes and breeds, and have been working with dogs for a living since 1998. I am well versed in basic training, body language, and deal well with multiple dogs in both outdoor and indoor environments. (I am pet first aid certified, and insured). My partner Mark is also involved in the business with me, doing some of the West End dog walks and dog sitting, as well as designing, maintaining and optimizing this website.

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Dog Walkers Downtown Vancouver

I focus primarily on group walks (6 dogs maximum per group), but can also do solo walks if required (space permitted). Your Sweetie(s) can enjoy walks in your neighbourhood, or on most occasions I pick up your special friend(s) and drive them to one of the great parks/beaches in the Vancouver BC area, including: Pacific Spirit, Spanish Banks, New Brighton. My partner Mark does mainly small group walks in the West End or Coal Harbour, either on leash or taking the pack to Nelson Street offleash Dog Park (if your dog(s) are comfortable in that environment).

Either way, your doggie(s) will be treated as one of our own family and we make sure to give them a towel dry if required, and/or anything else you need us to look after when we drop them off.

Customer Testimonial:

"My German Shepherd / Husky mix Speedy came to me with lots of issues & baggage – he was afraid of other dogs which made him aggressive towards them & he also, unfortunately, could startle very easily. Someone coming suddenly up behind him whilst waiting to cross a street could cause him to act out. This meant that taking Speedy for a walk in the busy Cambie/Olympic Village area took attention and concentration and meant that I needed someone I could trust implicitly. Alison is just amazing.... She took care of Speedy like he was her own dog. I never worried about how he was doing and he blossomed in her care. I would come home from work to a happy, relaxed dog and one who was becoming increasingly easy to walk. Even my neighbours in the building I lived in commented on what a great job Alison was doing with Speedy and how relaxed he seemed to be when he was with her. Alison takes her job very seriously as well. I won’t go into the gory details but Speedy was very sick after a surgical procedure once and I came home to a house that had been the scene of an epic barf-fest but was now clean and fresh smelling (Thanks Alison!!) I wish she would move to Port Moody so that Speedy could have his Alison back!"

Dawn (& Speedy)

Vancouver Dog Walkers

Dog Walking Rates

Solo Walks: Treat your loved one to a satisfying one-hour walk or a brisk 30 minute walk in your neighbourhood or local park. Take some time to sniff the bushes, play fetch, and say hello to the neighbors and get petted. Perfect for those dogs who like their own space or require individualized attention (pups, geriatric, blind/deaf). this is a great time to show them some leadership.

1 hour solo walk: $30 ($10 extra for additional dog from same household)
30 min solo walk: $20 ($10 extra for additional dog from same household)

Group Walks: Great for dogs who like to party it up with no more than 6 other dogs. I like to keep the groups fairly small because you doggie is not just a number. I pick up, drop off, and dry off. We'll head out to one of Vancouver's dog-friendly beaches or one of the trails (Spanish Banks, Pacific Spirit, New Brighton, Bates Park, etc.) where they can run around and chase each other off leash, sniff around and meet other dogs and dog lovers for a good hour (and sometimes a little longer if I have time).

1 hour group walk: $25 ($10 extra for additional dog from same household)

dog walkers vancouver bc

Dog Sitting Vancouver

Do you have a business trip, or holiday coming up? Although there are many great kennels in the lower mainland, kenelling is not for everybody. Would you prefer your doggie(s) to be able to make themselves at home in our dog friendly home, crate free (unless otherwise specified) or they can stay in their own home and I can stay with them.

Daily visits are another option that fully caters to your animal's individual requirements and routine. Does your buddy require special attention? Meds? Insulin shots? That's no problem! I have experience with a range of health issues and am happy to provide additional care! After all, your loved one's happiness and your piece of mind is my top priority.

No need to worry about your home and your fur kid(s) while I am staying at your home as I have been pet sitting in homes for well over 10 years regularly and am very experienced. I will also water plants, check mail, and keep you home clean).

When I stay with your pet(s) in your home (House Sitting), I treat them as though they are mine.  I will adhere to any special instructions and am used to administering medications, including insulin shots.  Special Feeding instructions, ear cleaning, bathing... no problem.  Your dog is welcome to come along for the group walks (at no extra charge) or I will take them for a solo walk (also no extra charge).

dog walkers downtown vancouver

Either way, they will get lots of exercise. I am also adamant about adhering to any training instructions and boundaries that you may have set, such as "sit" before dinner and not being allowed on furniture etc.  I have the utmost respect for your property and will keep your place clean and you will come home to a clean place. Having guests over has always been a big no no and the same goes for having parties. I can promise parties.

When your dog comes to stay with me, they get treated as though they are part of the family. I have many repeat clients that pretty much are part of the family and the neighborhood. If they are allowed on the furniture at home, they are allowed on the furniture here. We just love having a houseful of dogs (well, a few, as I like to keep the number of boarders small so I can pay more attention to your pup). I keep my place very clean and always have a spare bed and lots of blankies. I also have lot of treats, nice healthy treats, not junky ones.  I will never never feed your dog anything other than his/her own food (except for treats if allowed). My residence is across the street from the dog park, and we also head to the beach quite often, or head for the trails.

Pet Sitting Rates: $45 per night ($20 extra for each additional dog and $15 extra for any additional kitties)

Puppy/Special needs visits: Feeling guilty for leaving your young pup home days or have an older pet who needs some extra care? I will come to your home to spend some extra play and cuddle time with your best friend, take them on a potty break during my half hour visit.

Puppy visits: $20.00 ($10 extra for additional puppies)

Note: Cat sitting and house visits are also available

Dog Walkers Vancouver - My Mission

I am very particular about teaming dogs up with other dogs that they get along with and pay attention to everyone's little personality quirks. They are all going out to have a good time not get stressed out by being in an uncomfortable situation. I also try very hard to get your pup out at the preferred time or as close to it as possible. It's not always possible to pick up your pup at the exact time you want but you can always be sure that he/she will be out for the very least, 90 minutes, depending on how close to the walking spot you live.

I promise you that your dog is not just a number to me. I am not about the numbers. I keep my client base at a level where I can treat everyone as an individual. Usually the group walks have about 4 or 5 dogs and the maximum I'll take is 6 dogs.

There are no minimum requirements. If you want walks 5 days a week, you get them. If you want one walk a week, that's fine. If you want a walk every now and again, that's fine too. The choice is yours.

Your dog is not just picked up and put in the car. He/She is always greeted with a cuddle and a hug before his/her walk, and is left with a cuddle and a hug.

Contact Dog Walkers Vancouver

To schedule an appointment with me, so your doggie(s) and I can meet, please call or text Allie at: 778-668-8342. You can also contact me via social media below or email me here. I have many references, and happy, regular customers. Thanks again for stopping by Dog Walkers Vancouver! I look forward to speaking with you soon!
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dog walkers vancouver bc